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Wireless analogs are installed quickly, without much effort, after which they are immediately ready for use. Such systems are connected to a regular electrical outlet or are powered by a small battery. To install a wireless doorphone system is selected with the required number of substations that connect to the outlet or battery, and then configured, according to the attached instructions. After all the manipulations the device can be used.

This convenient means of communication can be of two types:

  • wire,

Separately, it is worth mentioning the possible problems that can be encountered if you choose the wireless model.

In wireless doorphones, the main “disease” is the loss of communication with the monitoring device in case of interference, which can be created by powerful “wi-fi” routers, other wireless radio devices. Therefore, it is extremely important to take into account all these factors when tuning, selecting frequencies. Also, if the house has a security service with its own radio connection, this is another reason that interferes with the operation of the wireless doorphone. With the good at cctv Singapore you will be having the perfect deals now.

The undoubted “plus” of wired intercoms is that they do not need charging, they do not face disconnection if the owner forgets about them for some reason. The wire system is best laid during repair work.

If the decision to install a doorphone yourself came much later, then you will have to deal with all the features of the cables that go from the main station to the substations.

How to connect a door phone: basic examples of schemes

The connection diagrams, which can be implemented with their own hands, are divided into three categories:

  • high complexity
  • complex
  • usual

Very complex schemes are usually used in houses with many apartments.A more simplified version implies the interconnection of a doorphone and a lock in one circuit.The so-called, the third kind of schemes is extremely simple, the person with even initial skills in the electrician can understand with it.

Connecting a doorphone in a multi-storey house is a complex scheme, which should also be mentioned as an example of connecting a large number of devices to one network. Such global systems have a high cost, which is why they are established by the common monetary investments of all the tenants of the house. With the reliable singapore home improvement you can expect the best.

By means of this scheme, the intercom and door (gate) electric lock are most often connected to the common circuit.Knowledge of the basic foundations in the electrician is quite enough for the independent connection of the intercom.The example of the following scheme is quite simple. The lock is not provided here, the doorphone is connected by its own hands using four wires.