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For the region polyurethane foam as a heat-insulating material is not something very unusual and innovative. But over the long years of its existence, the technology has made significant progress, and a novelty such as sprayed polyurethane foam has appeared – more convenient and practical from many points of view. Nevertheless, consumers still have some distrust of such isolation.

Polyurethane foam – why is it used?

The sprayed polyurethane foam has very low thermal conductivity and therefore high enough insulating properties.

How to distinguish a quality PPU?

  • In addition, it is impenetrable for steam and water, but it also absorbs noise well. This makes it a truly universal material in construction. In addition to all it can be applied to any surface, be it wood, metal, paper, brick, plaster. And the sprayed PPU can be laid anywhere. All this gives significant practical advantages over other heaters.
  • You can experiment a little with the ingredients, thereby reducing the cost of the material and, at the same time, its performance characteristics. That is why when choosing a contractor, you can advise you to go to her office and see the samples of works. The use of the Insulation Contractors happens to be perfect here.
  • Polyurethane foam is a structure not monolithic, but porous, as the professionals say – cellular. In this case, individual cells can be opened or closed. This is the main sign that you need to pay attention to. Closed-cell materials conduct heat worse, respectively, have better insulating properties. If you see that less than 90% of the cells are closed, safely refuse services – poor-quality material is used. You will save on installation work, but then you will pay for losses of heat.
  • The next thing you need to pay attention to is the cell size. The smaller it is, the better. Then you need to evaluate the density of the material. The principle is the same – the lighter the PPU, the higher its thermal insulation properties. However, the strength factor interferes here – too light polyurethane foam has a small thickness of the cell walls, which means that it is fragile. Quality material you do not hesitate hand, it does not crumple, even if you step on your feet.
  • In addition, you can ask the contractor, on what equipment and using what raw materials are produced. But here you need to have a much deeper knowledge, in principle; it is enough to estimate the quality of the polyurethane foam by the form, weight and feel.

Who offers insulation with polyurethane foam and the region?

The market for sprayed foam polyurethane insulation coatings in Moscow is quite developed and offers many contractors for the execution of works. It is enough to introduce in any search engine “insulation foam polyurethane Moscow and Moscow region, as he will give you a few dozen names. However, you need to evaluate not only the position in the SERP, but also information about the company itself – how long it works, whether it has certificates, reviews.

Let’s analyze from this point of view sites of several firms

Always pay attention not only to the words of representatives of firms, but also their documentary confirmation, and then you will get the services of the highest quality.

postheadericon Right Expenditure in Real Estate Property Now

Who wants to invest in real estate to rent, wants one thing, returning. Unfortunately, that does not come out of the blue, so you have to make a lot of effort yourself. Therefore: ten tips from real estate owners who know the blows of the whip – and the setbacks.

  1. Buy close to home

Anyone who invests in classic real estate property for renting is doing so close to home. Of course you do not have to buy your neighbor’s house, but investing in a rental apartment on the seawall while you live in Limburg yourself is not a good idea. The reason:  time is money. The further you have to move to manage your rental property, the harder it gets.

  1. Cluster your real estate

This tip is also about efficient time management. If you invest in several classic investment properties (houses and apartments), it is advisable that they lie in a limited radius of each other. This way you can easily manage them at the same time and you do not need to make unnecessary trips. The further apart your different properties are, the more time – and therefore money – you lose.

On the other hand, you also need to pay attention to risk spreading. Do not put all your eggs in the same basket and invest in different municipalities if necessary.

  1. Never buy – or hardly ever – where you do not feel safe

Renting properties in neighborhoods or cities where you would rather not come yourself, like some municipalities in Brussels, is not a good idea. After all, if you manage your own assets, you can only go on the spot occasionally. Real estate investors are also often put off by rundown neighborhoods, but you do think twice about that. A smart project developer who buys up the site to upgrade them offers great prospects for returns and added value.

  1. Provide a financial buffer

Pumping 100% of your savings in real estate is not a good idea. You never know what tomorrow brings, and moreover, the golden rule of all investors is: diversify. So build up a certain buffer, because classical real estate wears out and needs regular maintenance, repairs or renovations. As owner you are running for the costs. The older you are, the more assets you can invest in real estate.

  1. Do not just bet on the added value

Real estate investors often invest in the added value of their patrimony with a subsequent resale. That is not a good idea. You should not assume that the added value is already established or even realized. Again the credo is: you never know what tomorrow brings.

  1. Provide a good rental contract

A legally tight and well-founded lease is the basis for avoiding later problems. Unfortunately, rental disputes often occur, and then it is important to be well-protected. The internet is teeming with standard contracts, but to be really sure, let all the rental documents be checked by a professional.

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