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Whether sling suede, felt, nylon or sisal, regular sucking is the best care for your carpet. You do not have to grab the tip sucker for several hundred dollars. A good vacuum cleaner is also available from around 80 dollars. When buying a new carpet inquire about the right care in the shop. If it is not necessary, do not use extra powder or foam cleaner. In most cases you will not get 100% of the powder or foam residues from the fibers with the vacuum cleaner, so your carpet will become more and more full and smeared over time. Especially with long-pile carpets, the use of such products is not recommended. The residues increasingly bind new dirt.

That’s the way the stain goes – do it yourself

Always handle immediately, remove loose dirt and absorb liquids with a cloth. Dab and do not rub. Otherwise, you work the stain even deeper into the fibers and enlarge it. Grease stains you get best with carpet shampoo and water away. Salt helps only conditionally against red wine; it can attack the fibers and colors of the carpet. Mild soapy water is also helpful in many cases, but soaps also contain oils and fats – and if they do not rinse the stain thoroughly, they can leave residues in the carpet. If you are using a cleaning powder, foam, or spray, test the product. Always check that the colors of the fibers are good enough to withstand the cleaning agent, and that some agents may take up to four hours.

The expected costs

Carpet cleaning is calculated according to the size of the carpet and its type. From around ten dollars per square meter you get cleaned commercial carpets. Hand-woven or hand-knotted carpets cost around three dollars per square meter more. With valuable silk carpets you have to lie down well over 30 dollars per square meter. Usually, however, these are charged from a specific order volume.

Recognize reputable carpet cleaners

Reputable cheap carpet cleaning companies will provide you with a price list upon request and make a binding signed offer. You have an exact company address, with reachable employees. If there are actually problems with the cleaning, you will be informed of further treatment and asked for your consent. Square meter prices of seven dollars and less are dubious. Likewise, promises such as cleaning with oriental rainwater and the question of whether your children live in the same city are clearly indicative of deceivers. They just want to know if older people have someone around who checks the bill and the whole process and helps the parents. Therefore, keep your fingers on doorstep selling and listen in.

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